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Will Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

Home energy efficiency is a big problem in Britain, with temperatures plummeting and energy prices skyrocketing.

Blown Window Repair Kit: Will You DIY it?

When you notice a blown window unit, you’re probably worried about wasted central heating or mold.

Window Gasket Replacement In Sutton

A high quality window gasket is a vital piece of any efficient double glazing.

The Effects Of Condensation In The Home

With the colder months approaching, it’s for the best that we look after our windows as well as our heating bill.

Window Glass Replacement In Sutton Coldfield

As a homeowner in Sutton Coldfield, you’ve experienced the harsh face of cold weather in the UK numerous times.

Blown Double Glazing Glass Replacement - Lichfield

We got a call in september from a couple in Lichfield inquiring about the cost of repairing their blown double glazing unit.

Blown Double Glazing Replacement In Tamworth

We got a call from a couple in Tamworth inquiring about having condensation removed from their double glazing unit.

Foggy Window Replacement In Tamworth

We received an enquiry from a customer in Tamworth who discovered that two of their bedroom windows had become fogged up.

Replacing Misted Double Glazing Birmingham

As a homeowner in Birmingham, you’ve probably experienced the harsh face of cold weather in the UK numerous times.

Broken Window & Lock Repair Lichfield

As your local glass and glazing experts, we often get called to work on emergency window repairs in Lichfield.

Double Glazing Problems & How We Avoid Them

It’s no secret, the reputation of the double glazing industry gets fogged when people discuss trustworthiness.

Misted Patio Window Repair Tamworth

Last month we got a call from Mr. Parks, who informed us that his patio window became misted during the cold start of 2020.

Maintaining Double Glazed Windows This Winter!

Are your windows ready for winter? Five tips for maintaining your sealed units from the local glass and glazing experts!

Misted Window Repair in Sutton Coldfield

Check out this study of a Misted Window Repair carried out in September 2020 for a couple living in Sutton Coldfield.

Simple Guide To Energy Efficient Glass Replacement

The rise of energy efficient glass has evolved our business for the better, along with the many households we’ve provided services in.

Leaking Conservatory Repair in Birmingham

Check out this case study of a badly leaking conservatory and window Repair recently carried out for a couple living in Birmingham.

Cloudy Glass Replacement In Sutton Coldfield

Replacing cloudy window units is our speciality, we’ve been de-misting failed double glazing for over 30 years

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