Foggy Window Replacement In Tamworth - Case Study

Published: Tuesday 4th May, 2021

At the beginning of last month we received an enquiry from a customer in Tamworth when they discovered that two of their bedroom windows had become fogged up. Unknown to him, this was probably something of a recent defect, and is common this time of year.

Why Do Windows Become Fogged This Time Of Year

Springtime in the UK often is the busy time of year for us with regards replacing foggy double glazed window units. This is because your window unit see’s three variations of surface temperature during cold but sunny months. These variations are; the indoor heat, the cold surface of the outer window pane, and the dramatic shift in temperature when the lower sun rises and sets.

If a double glazing seal has become damaged or is damp for a while, then this allows moisture to enter the unit, either from the cold morning dew, or from humid air inside the house entering into your unit, causing it to become fogged up.

fogged up double glazing replacement tamworth

Tamworth Window Replacement

The customer was disappointed in how his foggy window looked and wanted it replaced while the mornings were still dark, as he has a nice view over Tamworths much loved River Anker, and enjoys watching the views that the sunset and sunrise have to offer from his bedroom window.

We booked the customer in for a double window replacement, and on a saturday morning we went to get the job done for him. On the day of the replacement it was forecast clear and sunny skies - perfect weather for changing windows.

Replacing Upstairs Windows

Once we stepped into the bedroom and saw the view that once was there, we understood just why the customer couldn’t settle for less, so we got stuck right into it, wanting to see his view in all its glory.

As this was an upstairs window there were slightly more logistics to getting it down without it dropping a whole floor down into his back garden! While all our glass gets recycled, and we leave every job spotless, we don’t usually cater for extra time picking up broken shards - and to this day we’ve never had to!

Window Replacement In Tamworth

We had to enter the garden from the back of the house, carrying the ladder around the building, alongside Tamworth’s iconic river, to reach the back garden.

While one of our team members climbed the ladder to support the exterior of the home, the other carefully removed the seal from both sides of the first window (outside first) and prepared the glass for removal.

After removing the second window and wiping down the inside of the window frame, we then installed the new and upgraded glass, ensuring a perfect seal to keep it secure and airtight.

Replaced With The Latest Rated Energy Efficient Glass

The windows that had been previously installed we’re quite dated by the time that they became fogged up, which we were actually quite impressed about. They were so dated that the FENSA certificate hadn’t even been invented yet - wow!

From our judgement we expect that they were around a rating of C-B, which was probably quite efficient back in the day. However, times have changed and we were able to replace them with A++ rated double glazing.

Finishing The Window Replacement

The customer from Tamworth returned to his bedroom with a nice cup of tea for the two of us as we wiped down the new seal and removed any debris that had gathered on the window sill and the floor surrounding.

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