Door Repair and Locksmith Services In North Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth, Cannock and Surrounding Areas

Locking Mechanism Repair

Locking mechanisms are a common cause of failure on Upvc windows and doors. For years double glazing companies have marketed their products as being maintenance free, which is simply not the case. As with any mechanical product, locks require periodic lubrication to maintain them functioning correctly. More often than not, the locking mechanism will fail in the locked position. Our engineers are trained to open your window or door and undertake a repair. Our vehicles carry a large selection of the most common locks for instant replacement. If we should not hold a suitable replacement on our vehicle, by utilising our many suppliers we can source a suitable lock to complete the repair. When replacing a failed lock, it is important that greasing and fine adjustments are made to prevent future issues, our engineer will always investigate the probable cause of product failure as advise accordingly.

Window and Door Hinges

As with locking mechanisms, window hinges (or friction stays as they are know) are a common cause for failure. Again it is important that there is periodic lubrication applied the the moving components. The first sign of issue with the hinges is generally a gap appearing down the hinge side of a window causing a persistent draught. It is crucial that when replacing faulty hinges that they are replaced as a pair. Again our engineers carry a large selection of the most common window hinges for an instant repair. When installing replacement friction stays, again we will make fine adjustments to prevent future product failure. As with all of our hardware repairs, parts and labour is covered by a 12 month guarantee.

Window and Door Handles

Window and door handles receive a fair amount of abuse during their lifespan. The handle over a period of time will normally become loose from the part that attaches to the frame. It can often feel like the handle is about to fall off in your hand, although this is very rare, but can happen from time to time. Issues with handles generally span from a problem with the closing of a window or door, so it is important not to ignore as it will often result in lock failure. Our vehicles carry a selection of the most popular handles, although with doors there are many differing sizes and colours, so this may result in ordering the comparable replacement. Should you require a change of handle colour to your windows or doors to freshen them up, then we can supply, white, chrome, gold, black or satin silver.


The following services apply to Windows, doors, conservatories and any other glazing related product.

Energy-efficient glass upgrades
• Security upgrades & Anti-snap locks
• 25 point glazing service

• Lock replacements
• Hinge replacements
• Faulty handles

• Issues with draughts
• Locking problems
• Seal replacements

• Leaking conservatory roofs/slipped panels
• Re-alignments
• Locked windows/doors

For more information about any of these services, please contact us.
If a service you need is not listed above, please still contact us, as we probably offer that too!

Why Upgrade Your Glass:

Reduce heating bills by up to 40%

Remove unwanted and dated Leaded or Georgian glass designs

Up to 60% saving compared to full window/door replacements

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