Broken Window & Lock Repair Lichfield

Location: Lichfield
Client Name: Mrs James

Broken Window & Lock Repair Lichfield

As your local glass and glazing experts, we often get called to work on emergency window repairs in Lichfield and the other surrounding areas that we operate in, and we’re always happy to help a customer in need - just like we did for Mrs James on the outskirts of Lichfield.
Lichfield, although a quaint and quiet city, had been revealed as the place in the UK with the highest value home break-in robberies (2017). So it's not the first time we’ve gone over to Lichfield to repair a robbery attempt.

Emergency Window Repair Lichfield

Mrs James contacted us on a cold frosty night after returning from the supermarket, only to find that her double glazing window handle had been pulled off and the pane of glass had cracked following a break-in attempt. Therefore, she required emergency window repair as soon as possible.

In most cases where somebody's home has been damaged as part of a break-in, we’re committed to repairing the window within the same day, so you can rest assured that no one will be able to return and access your home uninvited during the night.

So, when receiving Mrs James’ call, we knew exactly how she would be feeling and reassured her that the window will be fixed and secure before she goes to sleep. Fortunately, we were able to respond straight away, fast enough to catch the police leaving after taking her statement.

Mrs James welcomed us with a cup of hot coffee, which we politely declined - since the pandemic outbreak we’ve taken to bringing our own flask along to jobs with us to ensure we’re being as safe as possible when replacing your double glazing.

Cracked Window Replacement Lichfield

We started the job by first removing the seal from the broken window and carefully taking out the broken shards of glass with protective gloves, and ensuring that there's no internal damage to the frame.

We then wiped down the frame and removed any dust or debris from the area before adding the new unit and seal.

Broken Window Handle Repair

We began removing what was left of the broken window handle with a screwdriver, removing the screws carefully to ensure we weren’t damaging the surrounding part of the window sash.

We then measured the spindle from the previous, broken handle, before getting a suitable one from our van to replace it with our compatible UPVC handles. We needed to shorten the spindle from 40mm to 20mm, removing half of it using a vice grip and a hacksaw.

As the window was still locked, but missing the handle, we were required to fit the new handle in the locked position to align the mechanism correctly. We then tested the handle loosely to ensure it can be opened and closed as expected, before screwing the new fixture fully onto the sash.

To finish off, we installed the cover cap to cover the screw heads and create a more flush appearance for the new handle. We then tested the handle a few times, opening and closing fully to ensure it was strong enough to deal with the aged hinges. As this was quite stiff, we lubricated the hinges for the repaired window to reduce the amount of force required to operate, along with all the other windows on the bottom floor.

Before leaving we tested the window locking system to ensure it can be locked with the keys when required and made sure the place was spotless.

Getting Your Windows Replaced

Before leaving the property, we provided advice with regards to maintaining the new window and ensuring the new unit is as efficient as possible. Our main suggestions included using regular cleaning and controlling the flow of any humid air that may build up in various rooms around the house.

As this season is prime time for break-ins, we also listed off a few things that would help her deter potential intruders, such as burglar alarms, a garden gate or fencing, some CCTV cameras or motion sensor lights.

We also provided a bottle of our very own window cleaning solution so Mrs James can enjoy the view from all her windows with the help of Window SOS.

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