Cloudy Window Replacement Sutton Coldfield - Case Study

Location: Sutton Coldfield
Client Name: Mr & Mrs Walker

Replacing Misted Double Glazing In Sutton Coldfield

Back in September of this year we got a call from a couple in Sutton Coldfield inquiring about the cost of having condensation removed from their double glazing windows.
The Walkers had been unhappy with their kitchen windows after moving in back in 2018, despite finding their forever home, and loving the huge view from the kitchen windows into the garden, the home never felt complete without getting condensation removed from inside the glazing unit.
Talking to them on the phone we learned that Mr & Mrs Walker were concerned in general with the quality that double glazing windows offers, and were open to considering the range of other options including triple glazing, and even upgrading to wooden framed windows – as long as they can replace their misted windows and enjoy clear views from an efficiently heated household.
However they were also concerned about budget, and like most of our customers, they had to consider the economical value of paying for new windows and having them stand the test of time – afterall a fresh set of energy efficient windows is an investment, not just a one-off solution.
Their concern was primarily from their commitment to their budget, and of course, because of the cowboy stigma that people associate with double glazing installers – they wanted to ensure that they are choosing a quality service from a trusted installer.
We convinced them in all our honesty that there was no need to go over budget, so we replaced the misted unit with A-Rated energy Efficient Glass after diagnosing the reason for it. We always try and find the reason for the glazing unit failing to prevent another set of misted windows later down the line.
There are a few reasons their windows may have become misted, but we can’t be totally sure, because Mr and Mrs Walker weren’t provided with a FENSA certificate, which would let our team know how old their double glazing is and the quality of them. But the common causes are generally as follows:
  • Their kitchen windows are South facing, which means that there is more chance of the low sun causing contraction in the colder months, creating a small gap for condensation to build inside the unit.
  • They could have been old glazing windows from before 2001 (however our expert team could tell that they are more recent that that).
  • Poor installation from the previous fitter, which can be quite common especially if they were only replaced a few years before becoming misted.
  • Wear and tear over time and lacking maintenance. This could include a lack of ventilation in the rooms that are commonly steamed up with warm air, such as the kitchen, bathroom or utility room.
We came to the loose conclusion that they’re double glazing misted because of poor installation and lack of maintenance. After replacing their misted glazing unit with a new set of A-Rated Energy Efficient glass panes, a new seal within a UPVC frame, they were very happy with the result!
We also recommended that they get some ventilation installed to reduce the amount of hot air touching the cold window surface, and frequently clean the seal to reduce the amount of residue building up risking mould growing.
Fixing fogged windows is our speciality, we’ve been demisting failed double glazing for over 30 years – so you can trust our time in the field, expert opinions and outstanding track record. Just check out our reviews below!

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