Misted Patio Window Repair Tamworth

Location: Tamworth
Client Name: Mr Parks

Misted Patio Window Repair Tamworth

By speaking with Mr. Parks on the phone, we discovered that he’d been offered some questionable price quotes for services by various Tamworth window repair companies, questionable in the sense of a lower than average price for the services offered.

After learning more about the companies, we came to the conclusion that there must be some corner-cutting that takes place to offer such a low-cost service, and rightly enough (after some top-secret cold calling), we discovered that their “energy-efficient” glass was only rated C.

In other words, their way of competing on price is to sell a lower quality product, in the hope that Mr. Parks would be happy enough to book-in after hearing the cheapest price offered for replacing a misted window in Tamworth.

Moments like this we realise why the stigma around small independent glaziers still exists, and unfortunately, it's the elderly customers who are more prone to this risk. As we pointed out, Mr. Parks was lucky enough for his son to be more aware and more tech-savvy, to find us through Checkatrade, where he was presented with our 450+ wonderful reviews!

Patio Window Replacement Tamworth

On the day of the window replacement, we were greeted by his son, who informed us that Mr. Parks would be keeping warm in bed while we get to work - if you hadn’t figured it out yet, window replacement in the winter can make your house pretty cold!

We were happy to see that the window was fitted with some ventilation just above it, as this is great for general maintenance and avoiding condensation on some level - however, the vent was old, dusty, and pretty ineffective. The main issue is that the layout of his bungalow features a bathroom near the rear of the house, causing lots of steam and humidity in the air on a daily basis which the patio window is frequently exposed to. More tips on home efficiency can be found in Home and Garden Articles.

We noted this as the main reason for the condensation inside the window, as well as the wear and tear involved with having aged windows that caused the seal to break. If the ventilation was maintained, however, the window might have had another few years before becoming misted - however, the broken seal reduces the home's overall efficiency regardless of whether the unit is misted at all.

Double Glazing Replacement Service Tamworth

After removing the old seal and taking the glass from the frame, we cleaned the frame fully to remove any old dust and checked for any rotting or dampness. With the fresh unit ready to install we carefully fitted the A-rated efficient glass and a new seal, before wiping down and freshening up with the free cleaning solution we provide.

After the unit was replaced, we ensured that we sanitised the surfaces used and left the work area clean and tidy for Mr. Parks. It is a shame we didn't meet in person however we were very welcomed by his son, and provided a safe and timely service despite the restrictions in place from the pandemic.

Getting Your Windows Replaced

Before leaving we provided a little advice as standard with regards to maintaining the new window and ensuring the double glazed unit is as efficient as possible. This included unblocking the vent to allow the steam from the bathroom to escape better and ensuring the seal is wiped down occasionally to get rid of dust, damp or mould.

We also reminded Mr. Parks and his son to consider using online review sites whenever they require a local service, and to ensure to research the products and services offered before comparing reviews and quotes. This will ensure they always find a trusted trader like Window SOS who have 30 years experience behind them, and offer manufacturer guarantees on all products.

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