Cloudy Glass Replacement In Sutton Coldfield

Published: Wednesday 18th June, 2021

Cloudy Glass Replacement In Sutton Coldfield

Back in September of this year we got a message from Mrs Clark, asking about the cost of glass replacement in Sutton Coldfield.
After the cold spring we had earlier this year, Mrs Clark was surprised to find her triple glazing had become cloudy on the inside due to a build up of condensation – especially after having paid for a premium service from the previous installer.
People forget that triple glazing is still prone to the same damage caused by lack of maintenance or proper ventilation – so it doesn’t matter how perfectly the installer fitted the glass, the same risks can still apply.
We reassured her that the cost to replace the glass would be nowhere in the region of a new window, and that the new glass would be a step up in terms of efficiency rating – so rather than looking at it like paying for a repair, it’s more of an upgrade as much as it is an investment.
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Replacement Glass Sutton Coldfield

We began by removing the old seal from the unit and carefully removing the cloudy glass panes before giving the frame a thorough wipedown to get rid of any dust or debris. This is important because a clear surface is required for the seal to be installed properly and securely.

We then ensured the new replacement glass was installed as flush to the frame as possible, with a freshly fitted seal.

cloudy glass replacement sutton coldfield

Diagnosing The Reason For A Cloudy Window Unit

Upon replacing a glass unit, we try to find the reason why it failed and became cloudy in the first place. Common causes of a cloudy window unit include:

1. Aged glass and old seal is a recipe for cloudy windows – although this wasn’t the case with Mrs Clark as her unit was quite new.

2. South facing windows generally have more risk of heat from the low sun causing contraction in the colder spring months – creating a small gap in the seal and allowing condensation to build inside the unit.

3. Poor fitting from the previous window installer, which can be quite common especially if they’re not too old.

4. Wear and tear over time and a lack of maintenance. This could include a lack of ventilation in the rooms that are commonly steamed up with warm air, such as the kitchen, bathroom or utility room – and forgetting to clean the seal every now and again with warm soapy water.

We believe that the unit failed and the glass became cloudy due to the latter 3 reasons - unfortunate positioning, poor fitting and lack of after care.

While Mrs Clark can’t change the position of her property, the other two risks are covered – after getting a highly reputable company like Windows SOS to install the replacement glass, and receiving our expert advice for maintaining the glass and seal.

Replacing cloudy window units is our speciality, we’ve been de-misting failed double glazing for over 30 years – so you can trust our time in the field and outstanding track record.


If you’re looking for cloudy window replacement in Sutton Coldfield don’t hesitate to get in touch, and our dedicated team will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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