Leaking Conservatory & Misted Window Replacement Birmingham

Location: Birmingham
Client Name: Mr & Mrs Bailey

Leaking Conservatory & Misted Window Replacement

The Baileys left us an email back in October requesting a quote for misted double glazing replacement services in Birmingham as their windows had become fogged up over the 17 years they've lived there.

The misted window repair is something we do each day, as it more common than people think, but they explained how they were desperate to get everything sorted prior to the winter months, as this time of year the conservatory roof leak (while only small) is more noticeable throughout the cold time of the year due to the increased chance of bad weather and the usual wear and tear that's common with an older conservatory.

The Consultation:
We took on their job, knowing how important it was to them to spend quality time in the conservatory around wintertime - without the frequent task of soaking the buildup of water from around the perimeter of the room.

While that sounds like is a simple solution in the short term, it's not possible for anyone to maintain, simply because there are parts of the structure you can’t access safely, and even if you could, there’s too many places for the water to sink into and damage in the long term due to mildew and rotting materials - not to mention the cracks that this can cause later down the line.

Upon assessing their conservatory, we discovered the problem was a slipped panel, and the seal was almost completely redundant in a few areas.

The windows on the other hand didn’t require much assessment, and fortunately, Mr and Mrs Bailey had a slightly-ancient FENSA certificate to show us from almost 20 years ago - 2002 to be exact, the debut year of the certificate!

Fix Leaking Conservatory Roof
We began by fixing the conservatory roof and put an end to the dripping panels! This involved simply removing the damaged panel, repositioning and resealing to ensure there’s no gaps. That morning, Mr and Mrs Bailey had decided that they wanted us to check the quality of the remaining seal throughout the entire roof, and be prepared to reseal if necessary.

From the consultation we knew that none were quite in the same bad state compared to the main leaking panel, so despite the short notice we were able to quickly assess the overall seal and decided to reseal the entire roof through lunch! We even got some nice snacks prepared for us as a thank you!

Misted Window Replacement
Then we moved into the main part of the house to begin working on the kitchen and utility windows, which had become misted over time, slowly obstructing their lovely garden views since the spring - when the cold weather and low sun is likely to put pressure on the seal due to expanding and contracting glass. These times of the year when the seasons change, it is common for the seal to break in this way, and allow condensation to build up between the sheets of glass.

Starting with the kitchen, we removed the old window seal using a sharp chisel to prise the seal away from the beads, safely removing all from around the window, and leaving the top one until last, ensuring that there's no chance of the glass dropping out unexpectedly.

We then cleared the debris away from the inside of the frame before installing the new, resealed unit, and moved on to the final windows in the utility to repeat the process.

In the end the Baileys were very impressed with the final outcome, with the subtle improvements to their windows and conservatory, their house felt almost like their new home 17 years ago! With their newly resealed home, they can enjoy reduced heating bills, noise reduction and on top of that, no more soaking up water from the conservatory!

If you settle for a misted view, you also settle for the lack of functionality. Contact us today to replace your misted double glazing, as well as the various other seals around your home, including conservatories and doors, and make your home as efficient as can be!

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