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Are you one of the many homeowners in Birmingham who suffer with misted double glazing? Imagine living with a lovely view of Birmingham's skyline or the Edgbaston Reservoir, only to have it disappear in the space of a single Winter due to condensation building up inside the unit. Window SOS are here to fix your foggy windows, providing a range of double glazing repair services in Birmingham and surrounding areas including cracks, broken seals and replacing misted glass from failed units.

Double Glazed Window Replacement Service Birmingham

By far the biggest double glazing advancement in Birmingham over the last 20 years has been in the double glazed units themselves. Whilst the Upvc profile and hardware has pretty much remained unchanged, the latest developments in energy efficient glass specification, reduces the heat lost through a double glazed unit by up to 70%, which can result in a 20% reduction in energy costs for homeowners of Birmingham. Our thermally insulated double glazed units differ in three major areas compared to a standard glass unit. Firstly, the inner pane of glass has a neutral colour heat reflective coating applied to the surface, reflecting the heat back into your home. Secondly, traditional double glazed units are filled with air between the panes. In our thermally insulated double glazed units, we replace the air with argon gas, which has far superior insulating properties to air. Finally, we replace the cold aluminium spacer bar (The trim inside the unit), with a thermal spacer bar, which helps prevent condensation forming.

Failed or Broken down double glazing is unsightly and in most cases the need for window replacement services in Birmingham is entirely preventable. Double glazing can and will last 30+ years if installed correctly.

Every replacement double glazing unit we install in Birmingham, we will explore the probable cause of failure to prevent repeat issues. Our window engineers are extensively trained to rectify these problems whilst installing the replacement double glazing. More information on why double glazed units fail, can be found in our FAQ'S page.

Misted double glazing windows are double or triple glazed sealed units that have excess condensation trapped in the cavity between the panes of glass. This is caused where there is a breach in the hermetic seal (airtight seal) around the edge of the sealed unit allowing moist air to enter the inside of the window over a period of days, weeks or months.

When the temperature rises the moist air trapped within the double glazing condenses and over a period of time gives a white cloudy effect which to the eye is irritating and unsightly.

Over 90% of misted double glazing sealed units are south-east to south-west facing due to the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, providing the greatest change in daily temperature. The increased temperature heats the sealant around the perimeter of the double glazing unit, allowing the two panes of glass to move or slip over a period of time.

In the cold winter months we see here in Birmingham, the outside temperature drops significantly, this can cause condensation on the internal surface of the double glazing due to the increased gap between internal and external temperature. This causes the glass surface to be much colder than the room temperature.

This means if you live on the north of Birmingham like Newtown, a misted window could ruin your lovely view of the city centre and canals.

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Whether your windows need a simple window replacement service or you need a full set of new double glazing, Window S.O.S has the experience and the products to help you!

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Compared to standard glass units, homeowners in Birmingham can reduce heat loss by up to 75% with our energy-efficient, insulating, double glazed units.

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Misted Window Replacement Service Birmingham

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Double Glazing Replacement Service Birmingham

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Free upgrade to the very latest energy saving glass - reducing heat loss by up to 75%.

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Replacing Misted Double Glazing Birmingham

As a homeowner in Birmingham, you’ve probably experienced the harsh face of cold weather in the UK numerous times, like the recent storm Bella that swept through Birmingham back in December.

Leaking Conservatory & Misted Window Replacement Birmingham

The Baileys left us an email back in October requesting a quote for a range of our services, including replacement double glazing in their bathroom and kitchen where the windows had become misted over the 17 years they've lived there, as well as fixing a leak in the conservatory roof.

Try this simple experiment

Put the palm of your hand on the window or door frame, count to ten, then place the palm of your hand on the glass. You will instantly feel the glass is much colder.

So what needs to be done? Put simply the glass temperature needs to be raised. This can be achieved by installing our 'A' Rated energy efficient units utilising warm edge spacer bar technology combined with low emission glass and argon gas between the panes of glass.

We have had considerable success in greatly reducing condensation and in many instances completely stopping condensation occurring.

Window S.O.S are happy to offer a FREE no-obligation quote. Call 0800 999 4 505 or Request a call back...

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