Replacing Misted Double Glazing Birmingham

Published: Thursday 12th March, 2021

As a homeowner in Birmingham, you’ve probably experienced the harsh face of cold weather in the UK numerous times, like the recent storm Bella that swept through Birmingham back in December. Owning a property means upkeep of the key essentials, and at times you’ll be faced with a wide range of issues if you don’t maintain your property to the recommended standard. The efficiency of your home and the quality of the overall foundations of your property can become compromised if you fail to care for the essentials - and this goes for your misted double glazing.

Replacement double glazing is our speciality, so we know too well how easy it is for people of Birmingham to prioritise other parts of their home before considering repairing a failed double glazing unit.

We often hear people ask “if there's no crack, there’s no way for heat to escape, right?”, as well as things like “if my window has condensation inside then cold air can’t enter, right?”

Wrong, and wrong again!

But in the busy realm of modern life, things like blown double glazing can be let slide under the rug and forgotten about, only to make themselves known at the worst times possible. For example, most people who have a draft in their home won’t consider repairing it until the cold weather arrives - when they need it the most. So it’s little wonder that this is our busiest time of year for replacing misted windows in Birmingham!

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Why does my double glazed unit have condensation inside?

First let's talk about cleaning. Keeping your window seal from getting damp and growing mould is essential to maintaining it. This is because mould and mildew will disintegrate the seal and begin to grow towards the inside as it spreads, putting a slow-building pressure on the air-tight seal and causing a crevice to form. This crevice is the main entry point for humid air to make its way inside your window and cause it to become misted. Therefore we recommend that you keep the seal free from dust buildup and any water droplets that may buildup in humid rooms, rather than letting it soak in and cause damage over time.

A Dirty Window Seal Can Cause It To Become Misted

Avoiding issues with double glazing and their installers is simple, just do your research and don’t settle for someone you can’t totally trust. Ensure you check for online reviews (checkatrade, google, yell, social media), look for the relevant certifications, and make sure you receive all the required documents with your purchase - or just choose a company like Window SOS who will ensure all the boxes are ticked for you!

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Control Condensation To Avoid Misted Windows

Condensation inside your window can be better avoided when you avoid condensation all together - if only it was that simple. Most of us can’t avoid humid air in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom for example - but what they can avoid is allowing it to settle. By controlling the flow of steam and humid air, we minimise the risk of condensation soaking into the seal (causing mould), or entering a crevice that's been caused previously. Ventilation if often the way forward.

Misted Kitchen Windows

Boiling pots and pans often throw out a large amount of humid air, even if the room doesn't appear to be steamed up, and it's times like this that you risk condensation entering your window unit if it's old and damaged. The solution here's to use an extractor fan each time you cook a big meal, or open a nearby window.

Misted Bathroom Windows

In the bathroom, our windows are often misted for privacy, but this doesn’t mean we should forget about the long term effects that a broken seal will have on your home's overall efficiency. Extend the life of your bathroom double glazing by ensuring the steam can escape sufficiently, and wipe down and buildup of condensation on the lower seal.

Misted Utility Room Windows

Often people who own a tumble dryer are the culprits here, however this is a luxury that not everyone in Birmingham has. While these are handy appliances to own, they are the main reason your utility room windows are misted - these machines create a large amount of humidity, just like the steam from your cooking, which often settles on the lower seal of your double glazing. If you simply install some trickle vents in the room, either on the wall or as part of the window frame, you’ll be able to control the movement of the steam, and avoid it gathering on your seal.

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Misted Window Replacement In Birmingham

As your local glass and glazing experts with 30 years experience under our belts, you can trust that our advice is second to none, and if you want to avoid having us take a visit to replace your misted double glazing, then we recommend you follow the tips provided in this article. With more cold weather on the horizon for Birmingham and the surrounding areas, its key to stay ahead of the game, but if you spot any early signs of failure then we’ll be happy to repair your misted window unit with the highest rated energy efficient glass, and even throw in some free glass cleaning solution!

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