Simple Guide To Energy Efficient Glass Replacement

Published: Thursday 26th March, 2021

A Smashing Idea, But What's The Crack?

The rise of energy efficient glass has evolved our business for the better, along with the many households we’ve provided services in, but why?

We specialise in repairing blown glazing units, by replacing the window panes with energy efficient glass - rather than replacing the entire unit. A quick and easy solution that keeps costs low, along with your energy usage!

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It’s no wonder that the UK Government offered the Green Home Grant (ending March 2021), in a desperate attempt to meet the nation's emission targets, but this was targeted more at homeowners with ageing properties. The average household wasn’t very likely to qualify for the grant, but our glass replacement service is the next best thing! Let’s explain ...

Why Homeowners Need Energy Efficient Glass Replacement

With the ever-growing stretch made by homeowners to get a step on the property ladder, today’s market is becoming less and less friendly. This has triggered a certain population to renovate their homes rather than relocate - however there are four driving forces in the modern-day household that have seen their popularity soar!

1)Energy Efficient Glass Saves Your Heating Bills
Firstly, people like to save money by reducing their level of heat wasted. Heating the home costs money every day, and living in a home with draughts is literally throwing your money out of the window. A misted glazing unit is a sign of a blown unit, this would undoubtedly be a situation of guaranteed heat loss.

2) Replacing The Glass Is Cheaper Than An Entire New Window Frame
Our main service involves replacing the glass for those who have condensation buildup inside their unit, before resealing it to a fresh standard. This is a much simpler procedure, and ensures the overall costs are kept to a minimum. While you’d be settling for the same level of kerb appeal (the same look and design of the windows frames), the clarity of your view would be rectified, and your home's energy rating would take a nice lift!

3) Energy Efficient Glass Reduces Carbon Footprint
With the abundance of wasted energy and the environmental implications that are imposed, people are becoming more and more conscious of their own carbon footprint at home. While some homeowners stick to recycling or changing their diet to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, their home could be the source of their largest carbon footprint!

4) Energy Efficient Glass Increases The Value Of Your Home
As mentioned, many homeowners are renovating in current times, with the hope of building and maintaining their “forever home”, or likewise if they want to play the market - by increasing the homes value and gaining a profit in years to come. Not many people in this position would consider their homes' energy efficiency rating as a priority until later down the line, however did you know that on average, ‘A’ rated energy efficient homes are valued 14% higher per square meter? Well you do now!

How Much Better Are ‘A’ Rated Windows?

Firstly, if you have single glazing, let’s start by establishing there is no level of efficiency here. The heat wasted is simply less than the heat retained, and you should get them replaced as soon as possible. You can work out your average savings with the GGF energy savings calculator here!

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The most recent Building Regulations state that you can’t fit windows in a new home that are rated less than WER C (window efficiency rating ‘C’) unless you live in a listed building, so lets start here:

C Rated Efficiency Windows
C rated windows are perfect for those on a tighter budget, plus they’re still likely to save you a nice amount on heating bills each year. If you live in a detached house, this is around £100 saved each year. While your upfront cost is less, you’d still be paying for the same amount of time and labour as if they were higher rated. While ‘C’ is a great improvement from single glazing, and even G - E rated windows, they offer a great solution for those looking for a cheaper alternative. To discover the various savings dependent on your property type, view the handy tool by the Energy Savings Trust.

A - B Rated Efficiency Windows
While more expensive than C rated, the yearly savings aren’t massively higher for these windows despite being at the higher end of the scale, however you’d have more peace-of-mind with regards lowering your carbon footprint through reducing wasted heat in every room of the house! A - B rated windows would on average save you around £105-£110 per year.

A+ and A++ Rated Efficiency Windows
Here we are at the top end of the scale, with the highest amount of yearly savings on heating bills. Roughly £115 - £120 can be saved on your heating bills each year with A+ and A++ rated windows installed. While they are the most expensive windows from the range, they are the best at saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Are There Window Regulations To Follow When Selling / Renting Your home?

When selling your home, if your windows are substandard and inefficient you’ll still be allowed to sell your home (granted the buyer is aware of what they’re getting). However if you’re a landlord of a rental property then you won’t be able to rent it out if your home's efficiency is rated less than E - so be prepared to get an upgrade if this is your case!

Are Your Windows Due An Efficiency Upgrade?

If you’re a homeowner settling for a low-efficiency home, you can only expect building regulations to tighten as climate change targets get harder to reach for the nation. However if you know that an upgrade is due then get in touch!

While we offer a range of services to repair your windows and doors, if your glazing has blown and has become misted due to a broken seal, we will replace and upgrade to the latest efficiency rated glass!

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