Replacement Double Glazing Window Glass - Sutton Coldfield

Published: Wednesday 27th July, 2021

Replacement Double Glazing Window Glass - Sutton Coldfield

We received a call in May from Mrs Thomas in Sutton Coldfield – a lady living in a pre-70’s home whose double glazing hadn’t been upgraded since it was first installed back in the day.
To no surprise, a lot of the double glazing around the house was blown, and most of them looked like they spent more time being blown than they did being clear.
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After noticing the condensation literally taking over the inside of her living room window, she was desperate to contact glass replacement companies in Sutton Coldfield like ourselves to tend to the job!


Mrs Thomas found our profile on Checkatrade, along with our many positive reviews, and decided to go with the advice of our many happy customers, choosing us to provide a quote for replacement double glazing.
When speaking to her on the phone, we learned about the age of her home, and convinced her to check the corners of the other windows around the house, just to humour ourselves. Just by doing this, Mrs Thomas discovered signs that her other windows (which she assumed were okay) were slowly on their way to becoming fully misted.

While they weren’t becoming too misted to see through, we recommended that she opts for glass replacement on all her double glazing windows, because otherwise her house is sealed nowhere near as efficiently as it could be.


A blown glazing unit could be the reason for draughts, and even be the primary source of heat loss in a room.

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Replacement Double Glazing Glass Sutton Coldfield

On the day of the window replacement, we were greeted with a good cup of tea and a pack of bourbons – which is almost a key ingredient when working on a job this big – we quoted Mrs Thomas for a total of 10 units!

With that said, replacing glass in 10 different windows sounds like an expensive job, however by keeping the same frames, the cost of replacing the glass and window seal works out at a fraction of the cost!

We worked from the top down, starting with the bedroom windows and landing using the following method for each (see video), taking our ladder when required outside of the upstairs windows.

[ Embed video player here – this video please: https://youtu.be/4zdhhKFGw20 ]

While most of the windows in the house were misted, we noticed that none of them had any obvious damage to the seal – this is because Mrs Thomas had kept up a good routine of cleaning all the windows, every few weeks, including the ledges and frames. It’s not often we meet people who care about preserving glass as much as we do, but this customer in particular managed to extend the life of her double glazing due to this reason!

By keeping the seal free from any dampness, mould or mildew, the windows were kept in such good shape over the years – despite eventually gathering condensation in more recent years. This cleaning routine explains why most of them weren’t too misted, although they’re almost 50 years old, but it’s important to remember that the seals have still had small defects for a while, and will have undoubtedly increased her overall heating bills over the past decade or so.

Glass Replacement Service In Sutton Coldfield

After removing the old seals and taking the glass from the frames, we cleaned the frames fully to remove any old dust and checked for any internal rotting or dampness. With the fresh units ready to install we carefully fitted the A-rated efficient replacement glass and new seals, before wiping down and freshening up with the free cleaning solution we provide.

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Mrs Thomas was happily surprised to hear that all her new glass would have an Energy Efficiency Rating of ‘A++’, which is the latest, highest quality glass that’s currently on the market – a standard perk of using Window SOS for replacement double glazing!
The customer literally got more than she’d bargained for this time, not only did we provide glass replacement on all misted windows, and re-seal the unit securely, illuminating any draughts – but the actual glass quality is much more sustainable. Overall, Mrs Thomas’ home is much more efficient, and her money will go further now she can expect to see lower energy bills.

Replacement Double Glazing In Sutton Coldfield

Have you noticed a blown double glazing unit in your home? Is there one you’ve had for a while but done nothing about it? It’s likely that you have more than one – or at least, you will do eventually. It’s much cheaper to just get replacement double glazing rather than paying for new window frames, and by using our service you’ll receive free advice on how to avoid another misted unit in the future.
Our glass replacement service is honest, high quality and great value. You’ll struggle to find a service as affordable or professional as Windows SOS, just look at our reviews!

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